Adopt a prisoner

Make a lasting impact by providing regular political, moral, and material support for a political prisoner and their family.

What does adopting a prisoner mean?

It means directly affecting the lives of political prisoners and their families.

Adopting a prisoner means joining our campaigning, letter-writing, fundraising and donating efforts, with focus on one or more particular prisoners within the framework of freeing all political prisoners in the Philippines.

How do I get started?

On the next page, you will be guided through the Adopt A Prisoner registration process.

There are three simple steps to adopting a political prisoner in the Philippines.

  1. Select one or more prisoners to adopt.
  2. Select one or more forms of action to commit to.
  3. Fill out the registration form.

That's it! After that, you will be contacted by a member of ICHRP Canada.

Ready to make a difference?

There are two areas of work that need to be done. First is in the area of political pressure. Second is in material support. We have to bear financial pressures, like legal defence funds. Families need supports to visit prisoners. We welcome any material and financial support.

Fides Lim
Spokesperson of KAPATID

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